Rosacea is a skin condition that produces redness and swelling, usually in the chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead. Its cause is unknown and basically incurable. But this can still be dealt with through various processes, such as injecting Botox to reduce the dilation of blood vessels which causes soreness. Thanks to the Internet as well as the growing number of beauty clinics, looking for the best rosacea treatment London is not difficult, but how can you take advantage of this process?

Before undergoing a rosacea Botox treatment, proper planning is needed for you to get the finest results. Or else, you might just throw away your time and money. Here are several things you should do:

1. Select a less stressful time for your appointment

Acquiring any type of medical procedure will give you a lot of worry, so schedule your rosacea Botox treatment on your most hassle-free time. Be sure you have plenty of time to relax a number of days ahead of your appointment in order to make yourself comfortable and clear your head. On top of that, don't get other plans on the same day when you are undergoing the Botox treatment so you will not be hurried to get ready when going to the clinic. If you can, stay at home the day after the procedure to prevent side effects from worsening and have some time to relax.

2. Avoid certain medicines

Even though you are obtaining the best rosacea treatment London based, you can still experience terrible side effects if you take certain medicines once your appointment is finished. Different medicines such as muscle relaxants, aspirins, sleeping aids, blood thinners, and allergy medications can result in bruising and bleeding if consumed after a Botox treatment. Having said that, always consult a cosmetic professional or clinic on how the procedure should be executed if you are consuming these medications or if you need to stop consuming them completely.

3. Wash your skin thoroughly

Botox treatment for rosacea will focus on your face, so it's essential that you wash it completely ahead of your visit. Use a mild soap or cleanser to wash your face, then dry it with a soft towel in order to avoid irritation. On the day of the procedure itself, do not apply moisturisers or make-up as this might make the Botox ineffective. Nevertheless, in case your physician detects that there are still dirt or cosmetic products on your face, they may wash it by utilising an antiseptic cleanser prior to the injection.

4. Apply Arnica

One of the most recommended things to carry out before a Botox treatment for rosacea is to apply Arnica on your face. This can lower the chance of having bruises on the places where the injections were administered. For you to guarantee your safety, inform your physician if you are doing this to find out if you are applying it properly. Remember not to consume Arnica orally or apply it on open wounds.

Keep in mind that acquiring the best rosacea treatment London based is not always enough. Ahead of your procedure, do not forget to do the things discussed in this article. Getting the appearance you like is certainly a wise idea, but ensuring that you receive the ideal experience and results must be your top priority as well.